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Community programs for Venusian 6th

We have launched our official Merch shop

We will be engaging in various programs and projects those are listed below. 

Begin design of Limited-edition oil on canvas prints of the Venusian ‘KAJSA’. Limited to 25 prints, hand signed and numbered, with hidden code embedded into the print.(Completed by end phase three) Creation of our own Venusian Official Language, Extensive, coherent Vocabulary, Numeral System, Grammar (currently in development) Ready for the Phase Two release to the public. Creating of Short story books in action/adventure/ sci-fi about the Venusian’s against their archnemesis, book one will be available during phase one/two, and there are 9 book in total. We will also be releasing a current book which integrated into the short story’s on the Venusian’s. This will also be a separate series of 10 short story books.
Venusian6th online chat app for all Venusians either on or off planet, our online chat mobile app will offer rich features and applications and will been cryptic communications.

Release of our Space Ninjas mobile app during phase one & two. For those whom want to  lease out your own parking space, office space, storage space etc, this mobile app will do just that. Caters worldwide.
Expand charity platform for community Partnerships with children’s starlight foundation, we will be helping those children in need but doing charity fundraisers and where needed we will help with equipment for the children’s hosptial's.
We have a pre-existing partnership with IBM and will be utilizing those services with our IT products.   Development of VENUSIAN 6THth Music score soundtrack also currently in development, this will be commenced upon to offer a complete music score for the Venusian 6th Crypto. Limited-edition 100 digital canvas prints of Kajsa & archnemesis in fight, hand signed, numbered, we will be coordinating with various artists and they will paint the limited edition Kajsa & archnemesis in fight.

The Paintings will be done by different artists so not one will be the same but unique, as each artists has their own style of painting and brush strokes.  
AEGIS 1– partnership for patent for children's/adults life saving device to prevent drownings, we will continue on this venture to help save lives and prevent drownings not only in Australia but also in other countries. Co-development of the Crypto Exchange, housing features which are state-of-the-art with security features and minimal fees. End phase three to phase five for completion.

 Development of a merchant payment system where you can buy items online or in store with Crypto.
(Crypto it 2 me) will be the name of system and merchants will be able to use this for their customers. Via the POS. Downloadable as a Mobile app.
Youth Justice Offender Program by helping with this current program offered by a veteran support group and expanding on this further and giving those children from a disadvantaged home a choice in life

Project 'V' Blockchain (pre development)

The custom blockchain development will begin initial phase development during June/July. The blockchain will be built in on and in conjunction with IBM blockchain. We aim for max TPS above
current fastest TPS. We believe that in using this to link into the IBM enterprise cloud and utilizing the IBM legacy technologies would be much more seamlessly done, then in current other decentralized networks. We have also looked into other Blockchains and noted features that could be further enhanced and more developed upon, and we will be taking those features and maximizing those.
Our main priority is | Security | Speed | A.I | along with cross-chain compatibility platform transactions. Web 3.0 compatible Project 'V' blockchain development. We are further enhancing the proof-of History to make it more efficient, as timestamp is not always trustworthy when receiving them from other nodes. So an idea we are currently looking into to make this PoH a more advanced level.

Currently during our initial consultation with the consultant we cannot discuss all the aspects as this comes under 'trade secrets' once the blockchain has been implemented and tested it will become public for all to use.

We aim to keep the fees as low as possible,  so its affordable for all no matter where you are located.


What makes Venusian 6th so unique?

The project has taken aim at helping those organisations inneed and also helping with developing more projects to help those people inreal need. The projects we are helping and working on involved Veteran supportprograms, Domestic Violence programs, DV relocation programs, School childrenmentorship programs such as 'Reach my dreams' which is helping those childrento get the most out of life by partaking in company projects. School camps,youth offender camps to get give them another chance at making a difference intheir personal lives but also towards others.Ourprojects are peer-reviewed meaning that our ideas will be critiqued first bythe relevant community leaders and amended before anything commences.

Venusian 6th Citizenship was formed for the direct purchasing of property on Venus. As exclusive authorized agents of the Galactic Association of Earthlings for Extraterrestrial Colonization (GAOEFEC), our Venusian team will help you to make your purchase of Venus Citizenship, Venus Passport, Venus Deed, Venus Map and property the most pleasant and rewarding Venusian outer space experience.

We are a dedicated team in keeping you up to date with the latest information about the Venusian 6th Cryptocurrency and projects concerning you. Your purchase goes towards, our space project for a communications Satellite into space and to attempt to contact Planet Venus. All your personal records such as your name, date of birth, email address and mobile phone number will be sent onto a special SSD (solid state Drive) which will be located on the Satellite which will be housing your personal details as described and this will be sent to Planet Venus via communications methods.

Your details will also be stored on our secure GAOEFEC Registry, and you will have life membership. We will also be developing a game which is a massive multiplayer game in development. Those details will also be sent, and you could very well be playing against an actual Venusian via the online game platform.



  • 5 Acres of Planet Venus Land
  • Venusian Deed
  • Venusian Citizenship
  • Venusian Passport
  • Venusian Map
  • Venusian Pledge



  • 5 Acres of Planet Venus Land
  • Venusian Deed
  • Venusian Citizenship
  • Venusian Passport
  • Venusian Map
  • Venusian Pledge

Project Venusian 6th - Venusian Book Series.

Available on Amazon kindle

Coming soon - currently being written

Available on Amazon kindle

Book one of series one & book one of series two will be released back to back, starting 8th of April for release. There will be nine books in total for series one, and for series two there will be nine books. It follows on the wars between the Venusian's and their archenemies Viydausian and the liquid matter that is desperately needed. The war constellation zone in Draco and Scorpii is where this starts to take place. The planet Strigoiz1 or as we know it TrES-2b the Vampire planet, which houses a unique liquid which aids in the wormhole creation of spaceships to travel the galaxy.

Available for download soon from the website via amazon kindle link.

The places in the book that you will be reading about, are actual star constellations as we currently know them as.

Due to myself being former Military I.T, Communications & Special intelligence & as the Director of NASA once said, "If only you knew what I would NEVER sleep at night".

After extensive interviews with members from the Australian Government, DoD members, Government organisations, and current and former members from Pine Gap Intelligence Joint US/AUS secret base, and being denied the use of 'The Freedom of Information Act'.

..................................................................................................................................................................................Everything of what you are about to read…….Never Happened! © 2022 All rights reserved

Copyright 2021 - 2022 all rights reserved.